Salmon Charters

Seward Alaska's most well known asset is it's exceptional silver salmon fishing. Each year thousands of anglers come to Seward to fish on charter vessels, small boats, and even from shore.  As August arrives there are silvers literally jumping right in the boat harbor.

The Resurrection Bay area is home to one of the largest marine coho salmon fisheries in the Pacific Northwest. As the season progresses, the Silvers move up the bay and get closer to the spawning streams. Quite often you may be fishing within sight of Seward or even along the waterfront area of town.

Salmon Runs for Prince William Sound and Resurrection Bay

May June July August September
Coho (Silver) Salmon

Salmon fishing in Seward Alaska

Salmon Full Day
$355.53 Per Person
July 1 - End of Season

Salmon Half Day
$244.25 Per Person
July 1 - August

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